The increasing popularity of freelance work has created a lot of interest. Unfortunately, with that interest comes some myths. Here are a few to watch out for.

You Do not Have to Have Any Skill or Experience to be a Freelancer

If you do not want to make money, this could be true. However, if you're interested in supplementing your income or replacing your income with freelance work, you must be good at what you do. Without the necessary skills, you may be able to attract people to hire you, but it will not be long before they discover your lack of skills and look elsewhere. And there are plenty of other freelancers out there who do have the necessary skills and experience.

You Can Work Whenever and Wherever You Want

One nice thing about freelancing is you can decide to to some extent-how much you want to work, as well as when and where. Many people enjoy freelancing because they can work from home, but you still have to get your work done. You need a quiet place where you can concentrate. For instance, working from home is a great option for stay at home moms, but if you do not have time before the kids are up or a separate area so that you can work without the kids bugging you, you're most likely not Going to get much work done. Also, for the most part, you can pick when you want to work, but occasionally you may have a deadline to meet or something that needs to be done right away, which may cause a little rearranging of your schedule. You have to be organized, disciplined and self-motivated to keep up with the jobs you need to complete.

You Can Do a Little Work and Make a Lot of Money

Would not that be nice? You can decide how much you want to charge, but freelancing is competitive. A good idea is to start out with a low, competitive rate. As you gain experience and build a reputation with those looking to hire freelancers, you can begin to charge more. This does not mean you're not going to earn a decent amount-many successful freelancers earn more than what they need, but they also put in the time and work.

These myths are not meant to deter you from freelance work; They are only to help give you a more realistic view. Freelance work can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Just make sure you're ready to build your skills and experience and find a good place to work as well as a good schedule for you. Then you can get to work and make money.

Source by Lynn K. Adams