For people working from home and earning online, how do you effectively use your 24 hours a day. Just like every thing else that competes for our time, it is important that you prioritise and manage time properly. This is important so you can avoid stress and burn out with trying to do so many things at the same time. It is also important to focus.

Manage your time effectively by identifying and setting your goals and priorities. Determine your priorities by identifying what is important for you. Set how much time you intend to allocate to these goals against the other activities that you have to do as part of your day.

Do not spend more than enough time on the goal or activity you have set. In case you exceed or do not accomplish as you would want in the allotted time, review the activity and find out whether it needs more of less of your time. Accomplish that task and go on to also cover the other goals and activities on your list.

Do not be too strict on yourself. You will also learn as you do and you will get better as you continue setting your goals and managing your time.

In prioritising and managing time effectively, ensure that you are not distracted by your family or other activities. Have a separate room where you work at home in order to avoid distraction.

In prioritising and managing your time, do not try to do so much in a short time. Split large tasks into smaller tasks. For example, in case you intend to study a course on working and earning online, start by signing up for the course, and download the course. Start with the beginning chapters and implementing what you learn step by step.

Evaluate your management of time. Are you doing better? Are there any tasks that you could eliminate and replace with others?

Incorporate other tasks and activities in your scheduling of time. For example meditation, working out at the gym, sharing with your family etc.

Working at home and succeeding will require that you manage your time well and do the things that make your time profitable. Endeavour to manage your time well and you will succeed. Wish you well in your online endeavour.

Source by Julie Simmers