As you might be aware, WorldVentures is a MLM business opportunity that gives you the ability to create an income from home by promoting an activity that you love to do. Travel!

WorldVentures is a company that has positioned themselves to profit from the growing number of individuals who are booking all of their travel plans online. If you are a member of WorldVentures, you will receive a personalized website, which is a travel search engine where you can send customers to visit and book their travel plans. You will receive commissions on every vacation that is booked via your website.

WorldVentures, like so many other MLM businesses, is going to encourage you to utilize the old-fashioned network marketing methods of introducing their travel products and opportunity to your family and friends. You will be sold on the fact that you can build a rewarding and profitable business using these methods. The truth is, 97% of those who participate in a MLM business opportunity will fail with these methods only. Simply because they are not taught how to effectively market their business outside of their warm market. Many people have successfully built a business in this manner in the past, but the numbers speak for themselves when we look at the attrition rate in this industry.

While you will earn commissions for travel plans that are booked on your site, the real money comes with building a large organization by recruiting other members to join in your downline. However, to make a substantial amount of income, and receive many of the bonuses that WorldVentures offers, your organization is going to need to recruit hundreds of new members. This is no small task, and is going to require a lot more determination and hard work than you might realize. Do you think that you can recruit hundreds of your family and friends?

This is why you need to leverage the internet to market your business and opportunity. In order for your business to prosper, you need to find other like-minded individuals who are hungry and motivated to succeed. The internet is the place to go to find these people. After all, you are running an online travel agency. Why not market your website in a place where there are online travel shoppers, and people who are looking for a home based business opportunity?

If you can capitalize on the resources that the internet offers you and your WorldVentures business, you will dramatically increase your chances of success, and build a profitable business in a much shorter time period, rather than just marketing to those who are close to you.

Source by Dave Fennell