The following is a basic macro that casts a buff on a player, then has your toon send a “say” message using the buffed player’s name.

Wow Macros are used from a toolbar.

Log into a character first and then:

1. Type /macro in your chat bar.

2. The “Create Macros” window appears.

There will be 2 tabs on the Wow Macro window called General Macros and Specific Macros. By adding your macros to General Macros, you make this macro available to all your characters (thus the General Macros tab) or in Specific Macros to make it available to only the character you are logged in as.

3. Click onto the Specific Macros tab as in this example we’re creating a macro just for a Druid.

4. Click the button “New” and choose an icon for this macro.

5. Type in the macro text in the area called “Enter Macro Commands”.

Type in the sequence of commands you want this macro to perform bye specifying the relevant ‘slash commands’ on each line of the macro.

For a character that is not a Druid, replace the term innervate for an ability or friendly spell for the character type:

/cast innervate /say %t has some nerve.

Here is what do the commands in this particular macro do?

/cast innervate – well this casts the Druid spell Innervate on the Druid character or another players character that you have targeted. The ‘/cast’ command instructs WoW to cast the ability or spell listed on the line.

/say %t has some nerve makes the character say “Playername has some nerve.” (The %t basically take hold of whatever character that is targeted and uses its name in the place of the %t.)

6. Clicking on the “Change Name/Icon” button gives the macro a name and an icon.

Enter a name for the World of Warcraft macro, which will appear as the tooltip on your action bar. Be certain to use a very meaningful name. The icon you choose for the Wow macro will be shown on the action bar. Choose an icon to correspond to the macro, and then drag it into a vacant position on an action bar.

7. Save the Wow macro by simply closing the macro window. Now test it out. Search for a friendly player and select that player’s character and then click the macro icon.

Source by Seb Branson