There are a total of nine main Wow Professions available in World of Warcraft with a tenth one (Jewelcrafting) added if you have the Burning Crusade expansion pack.Unlike classes, professions are not race dependent. Any race can have their pick of any World of Warcraft profession.However, there is a condition involved, and that is that players can learn only 2 of the main professional skills. This doesn’t include the secondary Wow professions of First Aid, Cooking and Fishing, which can all be learnt by everyone.Almost all of the world of warcraft professions have a counterpart wow profession which you will do well to look into. For instance, if you wanted to be a Blacksmith in world of warcraft you should ideally look at a second world of warcraft profession of Mining. You could go for a Blacksmith/Engineering wow profession combination, but that might go to your disadvantage.The Wow professions – with the exceptions of Tailoring and Enchanting – go hand in glove in a “gathering” and “crafting” combination.The first is to facilitate your getting any raw materials you might need, and the second is there for you to craft the raw materials intosaleable items.Otherwise you will find that you need to either buy your raw materials, or that you need to find a buyer for your crafted itemsdepending in whether you chose to be a “crafter” or a “gatherer”.There is of course nothing wrong with doing this and you might find that gain more advantages this way. If you want to do world of warcraft Enchanting profession alongside something like world of warcraft Leatherworking profession there won’t be a problem. All you will need to do is to get your raw materials from elsewhere, or sell the raw materials you gather to level up your skills.

Source by Seb Branson