We discussed how others make money at home writing an eBook and how you too can make money at home writing one also. Now we are going to go to the next step. Hopefully you have thought it over and come up with something that you want to write about. You have checked it out to make sure it is something that is in demand and most likely sellable.

The reasons that people write eBooks are:

  • The largest one is to make money
  • To be an author
  • To share something that is important to you
  • They do not need to find a publisher
  • They do not have to have it approved and wait to have it printed sometimes two years
  • They do not need to keep them stored
  • They do not have to pay to have them shipped
  • They do not have to spend time going to the post office
  • They do not have to spend money self publishing

The eBook process

  • Do the research that you need to, to find a good topic. Research that topic and make sure it is saleable.
  • Do a complete outline
  • Write out the key points that will be your chapters
  • Make up a table of contents
  • Fill in the details by simply writing; do not do any editing at this time
  • Your eBook should be about 100 pages of pure content
  • You should have your first unedited draft now, do a first editing. Check for grammar problems and word flow. Make sure the paragraphs are short as people get bored if they are reading long paragraphs.
  • Do a final editing and let someone read it and point out things they see.
  • Created or hire someone to make up an eBook cover.

Your eBook is now complete and ready to be sold, so lets move on to how you can do that.

Put up a minisite, also known as a squeeze page. This page will have your sales letter. As you know the sales letter is what is going to get people to want to buy your book. Make it engaging and emotional. Talk of the benefits of what they will get if they buy your eBook. This is so important for without a good sales letter no one will click through to buy your eBook.

When you put up your squeeze page think about what words people will use to get to your site. What would they type in? You should do keyword search to make sure it is not too overused and if it is then choose a different keyword or more keywords together and then make sure to use those keywords on your sales page, that way people will be able to find you.

You will need to advertise your squeeze page. There are many ways to do this, write articles and submit them to an article site, buy ads, PPC, AdWords. (Read up on getting traffic to your site).

One your squeeze page you will have an order button. You will need to set up an account with PayPal or ClickBank for processing the money. PayPal takes a percentage of your order but is free to sign up. ClickBank charges a fee when you submit your eBook for sale and also take a small percentage of sales. Both are excellent to use.

The buyer gets an email confirmation and a link for downloading the eBook.

So now you are an author and hopefully with some work a paid author. You can then do it all over again with another topic / niche and can make money at home.

Source by Corinne Bridgewater