The sad reality is that Xpress Money Bot is just another scam that will leave you high and dry. Some people may think that Xpress Money Bot is a good trading choice to go with, but those people are dead wrong. This is nothing more than a complete rip off of the popular signals service known as OptionRobot. Make no mistake about it. This program is not the first fraudulent copy of OptionRobot, but it certainly is one of the worst.

Xpress Money Bot comes with a total lack of info, a platform that just does not really work, and a whole lot more. That “whole lot more” is not some kind of sales pitch because all of the aspects we are going to talk about are really bad. This is the Xpress Money Bot scam review and we are here to tell you why you need to stay away from it at all costs. This is a total scam that will do nothing but steal your money right out from under your nose!

What Is Xpress Money Bot?

Xpress Money Bot is supposed to be a high quality signals provider combined with a really efficient and profitable auto trader. Yes, it is possible to make some pretty good money using a binary options automated trading platform, but not with this one. As you are soon going to find out, this whole thing is nothing but an empty shell meant to screw you out of any money you invest with it.

The simple fact of the matter is that Xpress Money Bot is a total copy and rip off of OptionRobot, a reliable trading tool. However, even though Xpress Money Bot is supposed to be a copy of OptionRobot, it is only that in the sense that it looks the same. In fact, this crappy trading tool looks exactly the same as OptionRobot, down to the widgets and all. The only difference is that OptionRobot works while Xpress Money Bot does nothing but hand over your cash to the criminals behind the program.


Who Is Behind Xpress Money Bot?

One of the biggest signs that Xpress Money Bot is a total money stealing scheme is that we have no idea who is behind it. Usually these scams will at least provide us with some kind of paid actor to make it look like they are the real deal, but Xpress Money Bot does not even do that. At no point in the entirety of the presentation video are we ever informed of who is behind Xpress Money Bot.

We are given no names, no companies, not even a location, just nothing. If we are going to invest any amount of money with a trading program, we want to know that our money is in good hands, which it is surely not if you choose this ludicrous BO trader.


Is Xpress Money Bot Profitable?

Here is where things get a little trick and really convoluted. We are told that Xpress Money Bot can muster ITM rates of around 71% with daily profits of 5 figures or more. That’s right, we are led to believe that this ridiculous software can generate up to 10,000 dollars per day, every day of the week. Now, having a 71% win rate is not very impressive at all. The best programs out there can get to a winning trade rate of 85%.

This is clearly a scam, so we don’t get why they would advertise their program as having such a miserable ITM rate. They could have at least come up with a good lie. Anyway, the statement of making up to 5 figures per day with Xpress Money Bot is very confusing because that would never be possible with such a crappy ITM rate.

There is also the fact that making $10,000 per day with any automated trading tool is simply not possible. You aren’t going to make that much cash no matter what program you use. What gets even more confusing is that people have reported that Xpress Money Bot has a maximum ITM rate of 51%, which can actually end up costing you money. It gets even shadier when we talk to several people who managed to lose close to $200 in 30 minutes using Xpress Money Bot.

The bottom line is that even if it were to execute trades, the ITM rate is so deplorable that you are never going to make a profit. In all reality, this low ITM rate is probably set up so that it looks like you might have a chance of making money, when the truth is that some scumbag half way across the world is draining every penny you invest. Did we mention that trading on weekends is totally impossible, thus exposing another lie told to us by the anonymous crooks behind Xpress Money Bot.

XpressMoneyBot - Results

Why We Can’t Trust Xpress Money Bot

There are so many reasons as to why we can’t trust Xpress Money Bot, not even as far as we could throw the creator, whoever that may be. So, why don’t we trust Xpress Money Bot?

  • There is no indication that there is anyone of a reputable status behind this program.
  • We are not provided with any pertinent owner or company information.
  • Xpress Money Bot claims to be able to generate profits which are impossible to achieve.
  • This program claims to trade on weekends, which is clearly not a possibility.
  • Everything from start to finish is a total rip off of OptionRobot.
  • This program does not use reliable brokers.
  • There have been a plethora of complaints launched against Xpress Money Bot for a variety of reasons, the least of which is missing funds.


Xpress Money Bot Scam Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that there is no way we would ever invest in this totally bogus program. Xpress Money Bot is an automated rip off that will easily take your cash and leave you penniless. There are just way too many red flags here for us to be able to rely on this software.

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