Get all of your questions answered here by reading our unbiased scam review exposing the true nature of XTrade Binary. XTrade Binary for binary options is nothing more than another OptionRobot rip-off! Using fake award widgets along with stolen and purchased stock images from online photo banks are the least damaging truths about just how vile of an online trading scam this system truly is. Don’t be fooled by the fake “positive” reviews that you read from other binary option review sites, we’ll tell you straight up they aren’t authentic nor true!

Hosted at, this OptionRobot imposter is a scam that flies under radar allowing it to spread viral and con people out of their cold, hard cash. A minimum of $250 is what you will suffer if you put your faith and money with XTrade Binary. Claiming to offer a 30 day money back guarantee makes this binary option scam appear more authentic and legitimate, causing viewers on their website to trust the empty promises of XTrade Binary. We can assure you from feedback alone that not only do they not say true to their word on the guarantee but most traders lost most if not all of their deposit within a 24 hour period.

Malicious spam emails containing viruses have also been reported since XTrade Binary does not operate within a SSL Encrypted interface. So not only is your personal and financial not only available to everyone on the dark web but the amount of spam emails alone you get will be rather infuriating. Take it from the words of a few of our subscribers for instance:

Bradley Green – “I made the mistake of trusting xtrade binary. It appeared rather legit and I noticed it used the same indicators as the OptionRobot, a system in which I made over $4,200 in the last 2 months with, so I was rather excited and to willing to trust such a system. I lost $1,000 to XTrade Binary. Never received a refund for ‘so-called 30 day money back guarantee’ or any loss funds.”

Janet – “Lost £450 to No refund. Computer got virus from what appeared as an email from ‘XTrade Banking Department.’ Very upset..”

XTradeBinary is a SCAM!

One of the most common characteristics that we see among binary option scams would be the incorporation of phony images to serve as fake testimonials. As you can see in the image provided to you below, we have the four testimonials from As some of you may have noticed though would be that “Ali M, Jasmine P, Lethabo B and Gav L” are actually purchased or stolen stock images. One characteristic all these images have in common when we investigated would be that they were all connected with an online image bank. So a photo hosting website with a lot of stock images basically. Fake Testimonials

Another interesting realization that came upon us when researching into XTrade Binary would be the time date. As you can see in the image provided above, each of these traders have over 4,200 “trades placed” while Ali M has over 6,500 total trades placed. Well this is quite an amazing number of trades when compared to the origin of, since the website was created on June 6th, 2017.  Meaning that the website hasn’t even been up a month and they are claiming that the system is placing between 182 to 283 trades per day? That is just ludicrous!

Do not only yourself but others a courtesy by sharing and avoiding the XTrade Binary fraud. We can assure you the only result that will occur by signing up with this system would be the loss of your hard-earned money along with your personal and financial information. Why put yourself through all of that nonsense?

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Review Verdict: XTrade Binary is a SCAM!

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