If you are a young entrepreneur I encourage you to take action on your dreams, to do something to get you towards your goals. It is odd that statistically you are more likely to become and entrepreneur in your forties than you are in your younger years. I find this amazing, but I do believe that these statistics will change very soon. The barriers to entry have been lowered by the Internet and there now exists a fabulous opportunity for anyone to begin a business.

The is also a marvellous array of information from peers who are making a success online at a very young age. In my blog I interview Ben Lang who was 14 when he started his eBay business and who now blogs. He has a tremendous following and is doing all this while studying.

The fact that teeagers can juggle school, the hectic social life that goes with being a teenager and running a business should be inspirational to all of those who make excuses about not having enough time to follow their dreams.

The barriers to entry are now low, the information to get started abundant and the opportunity to create positive cash flow in a niche, legion.

The Internet has democratised the world of business. When a teeanger with an idea and some get up and go can create a substantial income from being online and spending a few hours a day on the project, then there is hope for everyone!

So what steps should you take if you are inspired by the young entrepreneurs doing business for themselves? Well, dare I say you should visit my blog first! Seriously there are some good interviews with young entrepreneurs like Ben Lang and we have a few tools for you to learn how to do things opn the web. There are more instructional videos coming soon along with an eBook about how to start your online business (which will be offerred alongside our free eBook ‘Becoming and Entreprneur – Boot Camp’).

The basic message that you will hear from every entrepreneur we interview and from every online guru is that the most important thing to do is take action. So take action today, visit the blog and start yourself on the road to freedom..

Source by David Bradley