How often does your office receive calls from patients seeking medical advice, when you’re flooded with patients requiring care immediately? You might find that you have to bring on additional staff, simply to answer the phones and provide this advice. Obviously, you’ll have to staff additional nurses, as office staff are generally not the right choice for medical advice and similar situations. This increases your operational costs significantly, without any return on that investment. A better option is to make use of a nurse telephone triage service.

What can this type of service provide you? Why should you consider offering this type of service to your patients? You’ll find a long list of reasons why a nurse telephone triage offering can have tremendous benefits for your patients and even your office.

First, you will find that retaining such a service frees up your staff to take care of patients in the office, or to answer other phone calls. Patients in need of medical advice or basic instructions can make use of the remote nurse triage service, while you and your staff care for those in immediate need.

Second, you will find that a nurse telephone triage service provides your patients with better service. As the caller will not have to wait for an available onsite staff member, they will have their questions answered much more expediently, which ensures they have convenience and quality service.

In addition, you will find that hiring such a service can dramatically offset your expenditures. You will not have to bring on any additional staff in your office and may actually be able to reduce your operational costs. You will also speed up patient service, as you will have more nurses free to help assist patients within the office. This has profound benefits for you, your staff and your patients.

A nurse telephone triage service can offer remote services to patients in need, help streamline your office operations and more. In addition, you will find that these services are often offered in conjunction with medical answering services, which can greatly streamline your messaging requirements and ensure better patient service through dedicated, HIPAA certified operators. You’ll find quite a wide range of benefits when you combine these two services through a dedicated provider capable of meeting your patients’ needs, as well as providing savings and benefits to your office.

Source by Kurt Duncan